Consulting and Advisory

We have been consulting and advising on Blockchain projects for leading multi-national and Fortune 500 companies.

Our objective is to help you understand Blockchain technology, identify use cases relevant to your domain, navigate the sea of confusing Blockchain platforms, and implement a solution that solves a business problem.

Initiatives start as proof of concepts and become full fledged projects, while others are exploratory in nature and used to identify innovative solution powered by Blockchain technology.

Solutions Research

At times, you need to step out of the box to find a solution to a problem. We help in researching new platforms, architecture designs, scalability models, security models, network designs etc that need to meet non-standard requirements. This is helpful when there are non-standard use cases that require considerable amount of brain storming and deep technical research and analysis to understand the challenges in designing and implementing a great solution

solutions research


Everything you ever wanted to learn about Blockchain - Business or Tech, we have you covered. We have been involved since the early days of Blockchain development and have built a solid repository of knowledge and skills to implement different Blockchain applications.


Awareness workshops for business and technology leaders that are designed to help you understand Blockchain technology, review use cases across different industry verticals, watch live demos of Blockchain in action, understand the pros and cons of Blockchain etc.

Technical Training

Hands-on technical workshops for architects, developers and network administrators on specific use cases and different Blockchain platforms. We have deep technical expertise on Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Composer, Ethereum, EOS and R3 Corda.

Decision Making

Got a project, but not sure whether to use a Blockchain? We will help you to evaluate and understand whether using a Blockchain makes sense. Get crucial information that will help you in making critical decisions regarding the use of Blockchain technology in your projects.

Public Speaking

We take up speaking engagements at private and public conferences, seminars and other events to share knowledge and engage with people interested in the technology. If you have an upcoming event on Blockchain, get in touch with us to learn how we can add value to it.

Free Consultation

We offer clients half a day (3 to 4 hours) of consultation without any cost or obligation. You can ask us anything without reservations. There is absolutely no obligation to buy our services after this session.

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