Testimonials from participants who have our Blockchain programs, workshops and events.

“An exciting journey offering good insight into Blockchain, focusing on concepts, decision making techniques and industry use cases.”

“I really enjoyed the workshop, Girish is so experienced and totally cool. At the same time good content, very well explained. The example/use cases he shows touches many different area with details. Girish made the course content so easy to grasp with very good explanation of developing smart contracts. Now I can easily understand and develop smart contracts with the knowledge gathered during workshop.”

“Girish has delivered a perfect overview program on blockchain, especially tailor made for newbies. His command of the topic was quite visible throughout the program. What made the program very interesting is that he handled the team dynamics very well, adjusting his pace and pitch to suit participant profiles and knowledge and exposure levels on the said topic. Thanks Girish for this wonderful session.”

“Really nice training with lot of learnings about Blockchain. The trainer has good knowledge & experience about the Blockchain concepts. Have got good awareness about the technology to take it forward in the work environment.”

“Excellent session on Blockchain technology.”

“An excellent interactive session on Blockchain and various use cases applicable in real world.”

“Great beginner deep dive into Ethereum and smart contracts.”

“During this workshop you'll learn from the basic concepts of Blockchain until you create your own smart contracts using Ethereum and different related tools.”

“I must say the Blockchain workshop helped me understand and clarify about the technology on which I didn’t have much clarity. I feel definitely upgraded myself in terms of understanding Blockchain technology after attending the workshop. The lucidity and simplicity of presentation and clarifications provided helped a novice like me to grasp the new subject fairly comfortably. The use cases which Girish presented definitely helped me to co-relate and appreciate the potential areas where this technology could be explored. For me it was a great workshop. If I get an opportunity, I would certainly like to attend a similar workshop from Girish.”

“I attended the Blockchain workshop by Girish in Oct 2018. I thoroughly enjoyed his session. He is a subject matter expert in this technology and his energy makes the audience to listen to him, however long the session. He is a practical oriented trainer who quotes several practical / real life examples which creates lot of interest among audience. In short, he is a very knowledgeable person who ensures creating great value from his training. I would strongly recommend him for Corporate training requirements on Blockchain.”

“Have seen very few speakers deliver with the same ease as Girish does. To make it so interesting for such a heterogenous crowd is not that easy but his sessions are truly amazing!”

Head – Industry Institute Interaction Cell at New Horizon College of Engineering

“Girish is a passionate and knowledgeable trainer! His delivery style kept us awake even after a heavy lunch, and his competence ensured I had no questions to ask at the end of the session, despite having made a list of questions to ask at the start of the day.”

“I found Girish Nuli's tech talk on Blockchain to be very informative and well worth of the time spent in his session. Girish was able to demonstrate his deep knowledge on blockchain technology and explained the concepts in simplistic terms to attendees. I would highly recommend Girish's tech talk to organizations like Mindteck who want to jump start their journey into Blockchain technology.”

“Girish Nuli’s training on Blockchain for Global IT Commune (GIC) was a great success. His ratings were fantastic. He is an excellent speaker and trainer. More than the training and technology, the amount of passion and connect he brings with the audience is superb.”